Sweet Spring Farm is a small goat dairy farm located in the heart of beautiful Washington County, New York, bounded by the Hudson River Valley to the west, the Green Mountains of Vermont to the east, and the Adirondack Mountains and Lake George to the north.

Our farm is nestled in a secluded valley on the site of a homestead dating from the 18th century. Bountiful hayfields and woodlands of birch, locust, and sugar maple surround us. The namesake spring provides crystal clear water for our small pond and pastures.

Sweet Spring Farm is the ideal setting for the production of the finest goats' milk products. We follow the principle that the healthiest and happiest animals produce the best products. Our "Cossayuna" herd of pure-bred Nubian dairy goats is treated with the utmost care, and they graze on green grass pastures, and  winter on our own farm-grown hay of grass, clover, and alfalfa.

Look for our goat cheese in the locations listed on the Local Links page.

Proprietors Jeffrey Bowers and Milton Ilario lovingly manage Sweet Spring Farm. Learn more about Sweet Spring Farm by following the links to the left.

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